22 September 2011


Sweden has a tradition both in building rather energy efficient houses and
installing heat pumps in buildings. However heat pumps have seldom been used in very low energy houses. The purpose of the study has been to investigate which system solutions for
single family houses that for Swedish circumstances gives the lowest energy use verses the lowest costs. Calculations of energy use and costs have been made for different climates
and for different building envelopes combined with different systems for heating and ventilation. One result is that even if a ground source heat pump results in the lowest yearly energy cost, the investment costs are still so high that other alternatives have a lower life
cycle cost. The results have also been compared with the requirements in the new Swedish building regulations. With ground source heat pumps the requirements can be met almost
regardless of the building envelope. On the other hand, with a very good building envelope the requirements can also be met regardless of the type of heating and ventilation system.