24 June 2014


Gas engine driven heat pump (GHP) is the heat pump air-conditioning system
which drives compressors by the gas engine. GHP is the high efficiency, low electric power consumption, and low running cost air-conditioning system. It is widely spread mainly in Japan, where more than 150,000 units have been installed so far. Recently social needs for energy saving and visualization of energy consumption for air-conditioning become greater and greater. We developed the intelligent remote monitoring system for GHP which can
operate GHPs at lower energy consumption remotely in order to meets these social needs. It
has various functions to reduce energy consumption including “Energy-Saving Operation”,”Scheduling Management”, ”Daily Reporting”, and so on. We tested this intelligent remote
monitoring system at various buildings in Japan. As a result, it was proven that it can reduce the energy consumption of GHPs by an average of about 20% a year. In this paper we reported the the system structure and features of the intelligent remote monitoring system for
GHP and test result of its effect of energy saving.