24 June 2014


Heat pumps are expected to be increasingly used in efforts to boost primary energy-saving and mitigate the greenhouse effect due to their high efficiency. In the industrial field, heat pumps will require higher efficiency and temperature performance. Recently,
several manufacturers commercialized high-temperature and large-capacity heat pumps for industrial use. Customers require a means of determining efficiency and capacity not stated on the specification sheet, but no such equipment exists. CRIEPI, as a third party, thus decided to establish an evaluation apparatus and its specifications were examined.
Consequently, we established an evaluation apparatus including an environmental chamber
(temperature: -20 – +50 oC, relative humidity: 30 – 90 %), heat-source and heat sink watersupplying
facility (temperature: 10 – 90 oC) and steam-cooling facility. Using this apparatus, we can evaluate steam-generation heat pumps of less than 600 kW, high-temperature airheating
heat pumps of less than 200 kW, water-source chillers of less than 2100 kW and air-source heat pumps of less than 350 kW. In addition, we can also use the apparatus for joint
development with manufacturers and for national project research.