24 June 2014

Development of Instantaneous Hot Water Dispenser Based On Water Source Heat Pump

Natural energy use is important to reduce the energy consumption of buildings. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to the use of natural energy of traditional
systems. It is difficult to reduce further energy consumption with traditional systems. Therefore, to achieve higher efficiency than traditional systems, a Multi-Source and Multi-Use Heat Pump (MMHP) system is proposed.
The MMHP system connects multiple heat sources such as solar heat, ground source and air source and multiple heat uses such as cooling, heating, and a hot water dispenser with the water loop. Each type of heat use side can utilize heat efficiently. However, there is a distinct lack of highly efficient hot water dispensers available to the MMHP system throughout the world. Therefore, we developed the Instantaneous Hot Water Dispenser based on Water
Source (IHWD WS) heat pump.
In this paper, the IHWD WS heat pump was prototyped. The results show that the COP of the IHWD WS heat pump was 5.2 in winter and 8.5 in summer.