24 June 2014

Development of High Temperature Water Circulation Type Heat Pump for Industries (Air-to-Water Heat Pump with a Maximum Output Water Temperature of 90°)

There are various heating processes in industrial manufacturing and many heating equipment, such as boilers and electric heaters, are used. Although boilers have issues on heat loss since they are often centralized and transport vapor to destinations by long pipe
arrangements. In addition, electric heaters have issues on high energy consumption. Therefore, in industrial heat source fields, highly energy-efficient and high-output-water temperature heat pumps are expected to replace existing centralized boilers or electric heaters, as a means of energy saving and cost reduction. Although, in the case of circulation heating use with low difference in input-output water temperature, former heat pump had a
problem that energy saving effect becomes deficient as output water temperature rises. As a solution, we have developed an air-source circulation type heat pump for high-temperature water, which is highly energy efficient and enables decentralization of heat source. By taking advantage of the cascade refrigerating system, we have achieved a maximum output water temperature of 90°C, an energy efficient operation, and peak power reduction of 70% in
contrast with electric heaters.