24 June 2014

Development of Blackout start Gas Heat Pump air conditioner

A Gas engine driven Heat Pump air conditioner (GHP) is the air-conditioning
system that drives the compressors by the gas engine. GHP is the high efficiency, low electric power consumption and low running cost air-conditioning system. It is widely
spread mainly in Japan, where more than 600,000 units have been installed so far. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the concern about power shortage has been increased. The need for GHP, which operates not only air-conditioning but also power supply in a blackout, has been growing. We commercialized the GHP in 2012 which can supply power to lighting and plug in a blackout by mounting a generator and a starter battery. In this paper, we introduce the blackout start GHP (BOS GHP). In addition, we introduce the system which makes a further contribution to energy security by using a LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) air mixing unit if the power grid and the city gas supply are stopped due to major disaster.