24 June 2014

Development of a Performance Prediction Tool for The Heat Pump Air-Conditioning System Applying Refrigeration Cycle

A new performance prediction tool for the heat pump air-conditioning system that considering refrigeration cycle was developed by the authors. The tool has special features such as enough computation speed, extensibility and satisfying precision for annual
performance prediction. In this paper, outlines of the tool were firstly introduced. Next, an experiment to verify precision of the tool was conducted. In this experiment, the temperature at several points on the refrigerant pipe in the heat pump unit, the cooling output, and the
electrical power consumption of compressor were measured. The measured values were compared with the one calculated by the developed tool and the accuracy of prediction was
confirmed. As the result of experiment, the error between the predicted and measured values was less than 1 %. In addition, the authors predicted the performance of heat pump airconditioning system utilizing ground source in the office building in Kitakyushu city as case study.