30 April 2010

Development of a new 2.5 kW adsorption chiller for heat-driven cooling

In addition to (better) utilisation of available solar heat or waste heat, and thereby reduction of fossil fuel consumption, sorption cooling offers several other advantages compared to conventional compression cooling: examples include reduction of summer peaks on the electricity grid, the use of natural refrigerants, and less noise & maintenance. Sorption cooling in itself is not a new development, but the development of small-scale sorption chillers (2-20 kW) is new. This development allows sorption cooling to enter the markets for individual homes, small collective systems and small commercial applications. A second trend is gradual reduction of the necessary driving temperatures of the sorption cycles, allowing more solar and waste heat to be used. This article describes the design and performance of a new, innovative 2.5 kW adsorption chiller, developed by ECN. ECN is currently searching for suitable commercial parties for production and commercialisation of this chiller.