30 May 2005


Turbo chillers are suitable for large-scale air conditioning systems, and very important equipment
for reducing environmental loads in that substantial reduction in electrical power consumption can be
expected by enhancing their performance to higher levels. The MHI’s turbo chillers (AART series)
with HFC134a as a refrigerant, has achieved performance enhancement on the world’s highest level
through improvements in the refrigeration cycle, aerodynamic performance of the compressor and
heat exchanger performance, as well as optimum design of the control system. Their high performance
characteristics contribute toward substantially reducing electrical power consumed at factories
by expanding major applications including district cooling and heating, thermal storage, factory process
cooling, and especially factory process cooling for full-year continuous operation. In addition, it
has been made possible to reduce the year-round annual electrical power consumption further through
the application of optimum variable control using an inverter. Furthermore, the centrifugal chiller
technology has also been applied to heat pump chillers that were in the field of screw chillers in the
past, which has led us to provide super-high performance small turbo heat pumps.