28 November 2014

Development of a High Efficient Heat Pump System using Seawater Heat Source and Exhaust Energy with the Automatic Decontamination Device

The heat pump system using seawater heat source and exhaust energy without fouling of heat exchangers is developed and its performance characteristics of heating and cooling operation are presented. The heat pump system is made of a waste heat recovery system and a vapour compression refrigeration system and the automatic decontamination device. The working fluid is R-22. The heat pump system COPs are measured during heating and cooling operation modes for an indoor culture system, and the resultant COPs are 12.5 and 11, respectively, which are higher than those of the heat pump itself. Therefore, the performance of the heat pump system using exhaust energy and seawater heat source with a decontamination device is excellent compared with that of a general heat pump. The experimental data can be effectively used for the design of the high efficient heat pump using seawater heat source and exhaust energy.