23 September 2011


This paper presents both experimental and predicted model performance of a gas
fired adsorption heat pump demonstration unit for domestic hot water production and space
heating. The heat pump uses two compact high efficiency carbon-ammonia generators
operating out of phase in a regenerative cycle. The full laboratory prototype is designed to
deliver hot water at a maximum flow rate of 10 l/min with a temperature rise of 30
C and a
nominal space heating power of 7 kW (conditions suitable for the majority of homes in UK).
The gas burner is simulated by a modulated electrical heater rated to 10 kW. This
demonstration unit has produced heating powers ranging from 7 kW to 11 kW (COP of 1.42
to 1.61) with a driving temperature of 120°C and water flow rate range of 5 l/min to 10 l/min.
The typical ambient temperature during testing was about 10 C. The performance obtained
matched with the model predictions within 11% or better.