23 March 2006

Development and commercialisation of triple-effect absorption chiller-heaters

Kawasaki Thermal Engineering (KTE) participated in the government-led project on “High Performance
Development Triple-effect Absorption Chiller/heaters ” to realise higher effi ciency than the maxed-out ef-
fi ciency of double-effect chiller/heaters for further energy saving, an urgent matter for global environmental
protection. KTE has successfully commercialised a triple-effect effi cient absorption chiller/heater. The newly
commercialised triple-effect machine has considerably high energy-saving performance, with a part-load coef-
fi cient of performance (COP) in reaching 1.7, based on the upper calorifi c value of the fuel gas. Thanks to a
newly developed high-temperature generator, the triple-effect machine demonstrates the same durability and
reliability under higher temperature and pressure as the double-effect machine.