24 June 2014


This paper presents an innovative system comprising a water/water heat pump connected to a solar roof and a geothermal heat exchanger. This unit is able to invert its cycle and operate as an Organic Rankine Cycle. The solar roof is producing a large amount
of heat throughout the year. This allows covering the building annual heating needs and furthermore, electricity is produced thanks to the surplus of heat in a so-called HP/ORC
reversible unit. This paper is focusing on these three main points: modeling, design and experimentation of the prototype. This paper demonstrates the feasibility of such a prototype
with encouraging performance in ORC and HP modes. First simulations of the HP/ORC system, with components optimally sized, indicate that, in ORC mode, for the weather conditions of Copenhagen, the electrical energy produced over one year reaches 4030 kWh and the nominal efficiency of the cycle is 7.6%. The nominal COP of the heat pump is 4.2 (condenser exhaust temperature of 60°C and evaporator supply temperature of 15°C).
Experimentally, a COP of 4.21 (condensation temperature of 61°C and evaporation temperature of 21°C). is achieved in heat pump mode and a global ORC efficiency of 5.7% is obtained in ORC mode (condenser exhaust temperature of 25°C and evaporator supply temperature of 88°C).