12 May 1998

Deployment Activities of Heat Pumping Technologies – Workshop proceedings

The introduction of new technologies into an established market based on conventional, proven technologies is a slow and trying process. Some obstacles include lack of information, attitudes of different target groups, lack of experience and barriers relating to various regulations, standards and energy/environmental policies.
The IEA has targeted this problem with various activities. Sweden took the initiative to discuss experiences and activities aimed at increasing the market introduction of heat pumping techmologies by organising a workshop, which was held on 12 May 1998 in Stockholm. The workshop also provided a forum for discussion of future activities and plans.

The eight papers presented and a summary of the afternoon plenary discussion are compiled in these IEA Heat Pump Centre proceedings. The papers highlight promotion and research programmes aimed at the deployment of heat pumps, the impact of electricity market deregulation, and market barriers.

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