22 May 2008


Absorption Heat Pump (AHP) is not a mass manufacturing product like chillers.
There are two reasons behind it. One natural reason is numbers are less. But there is
another reason: Unlike chillers where chilled water requirements are fairly standardized, in
Heat Pump both inputs and outputs temperatures largely vary from case to case. To get
best performance, customized design is necessary. Thus this product is difficult to
standardize both in manufacturing as well as in design.
Large pool of low cost engineers and workers available in India have given opportunities to
Indian Industry to emerge as a world leader in AHPs. In last 10 years Indian Industry has
supplied AHPs almost to the tune of 100 MW. Almost all these heat pumps are in Europe.
To meet various demands many variation of heat pump cycles are engineered. Some of
them are Double absorber type, Twin type, Single double type etc. Various types of heat
inputs employed are Hot water, Fuel firing, Exhaust gases, Steam and also combination of
heat inputs in single heat pump either simultaneously or alternatively.
This paper describes types of cycles employed to suit various applications and customer
needs of heating.