22 May 2008


Outgoing from the energetic and environmental requirements for future
refrigeration and heat pump systems the Country Report for Germany describes various
research projects in this field. Mainly, the projects are sponsored by the German Ministery of
Economy and Technology (BMWi) and coordinated by PTJ Jülich dealing with adsorption
and compression heat pump systems. Also the German Federal Foundation Environment
(DBU), Osnabrück sponsores further projects in this field. Especially, the research in this field
is performed on the one hand by the Fraunhofer-ISE, Freiburg on adsorption systems
together with the SorTech AG, Halle/Saale and on the other hand by the Viessmann
Company, Allendorf. Concerning compression systems research projects are under way also
at the Fraunhofer-ISE in Freiburg, the Viessmann Company in Allendorf together with the
Copeland Company in Berlin and the FKW Research Institute in Hanover, as well as at the
Stiebel-Eltron Company in Holzminden and at the Technical University in Braunschweig.
The sorption heat pump research concerns in both cases adsorption systems whereas the
compression research is directed towards field tests for seasonal performance
measurements, development of CO2 heat pumps for space heating and water heating, as
well as concerning CO2 heat pipes as earth probes.