22 May 2008


In this paper, Japan’s climate change in the situation in recent years, the demand
side of CO2 emissions and energy usage in a situation where there is an upward trend.
Based on this situation, Global warming measures are urgently required in the circumstances.
Japan’s policy, the “Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement Plan” was issued in 2005, and a
reduction in CO2 emissions as one of the measures, the deployment of heat pump water
heaters, high-efficiency air conditioning equipment expansion is the introduction of express .
Energy Conservation low 2004 also began with “The Top Runner program” set by the
air-conditioning system by the value of COP regulations, revised in 2006, has been more
stringent, and change to the annual efficiency of energy consumption. Moreover, it introduces
the policy of Japan that supports the technology development and the spread development of
the heat pump.