01 January 1993

Comparison of Equations of State for HCFC-123

This report summarizes the results of the comparisons of the HCFC-123 equations of state. The experimental data bases used for the comparisons given in this report were compiled at the Center for Applied Thermodynamic Studies using data from several sources. Dr. Mark McLinden (National Institute of Standards and Technology – NIST, Boulder, Colorado, USA), and Dr. Haruki Sato (Keio University, Yokahama, Japan) provided specific information on property data not yet published in open literature. Single phase data used in this work include pressure-density-temperature data, isochoric and isobaric heat capacities, speed of sound values, and second virial coefficients. Saturation data include vapour pressure, saturated liquid density and saturated vapour density. All equations were compared to the complete data base. Saturation properties calculated from the equation of state using the Maxwell equal area principle were compared to the saturation data mentioned above.

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