22 May 2008


In existing compressor for air conditioning, steam compression process is nearly close to
the adiabatic compression. The discharge temperature is far higher than the condensing temperature,
may reach 150?. Most electrical energy is transformed into the superheat discharge and wasted.
But the PO~PK pressure difference load required for cycle is small. In addition, compression exotherm
is accumulated in the cylinder wall, which causes the expansion of suction and loses the
The cold cylinder compression cycle is that has the high-pressure discharge with the cylinder be
cooled and the top and down cover of the cylinder carried on the gas phase and the adiabatic
separation. The rotor surface is covered the adiabatic porcelain, and the compression exotherm is
pushed to the cooled cylinder wall. In this paper, a mechanism and the realizing ways are discussed
on a cold cylinder compression cycle for rotary compressor. Using Qingan YZG-48RCT1 and
YZG-43RA as the prototype, through improving the running parameters of design, researching on
effective restraint and elimination the formation of superheat discharge in the compression process,
obtaining the temperature control region of the maximum displacement for the cold cylinder, and
utilizing the motor exotherm, the paper shows the developing feasibility and necessity for heat pump
rotor type two-cylinder and two-stage compressor COP=15W/W.