24 April 2012

Case Study: University of California, Santa Barbara Heat Pump

The proposed University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) Campus Hot Water Loop project, will consist of
a single, electric-motor-driven, 2106 kW (600-tonne) heat pump unit that will simultaneously produce more
than 10.5 million kJ (10 million British thermal units) per hour (Btuh) of heating hot water (HW) for the new
campus hot water loop as well as 2106 kW (600 tonne) of chilled water (CHW) for the existing campus chilled
water loop. When operational, the proposed heat pump plant is estimated to eliminate more than 12.6 million
kJ (12 million Btu) per hour of local fossil fuel combustion emissions, and to save more than 84.4 million MJ
(800 000 therms) per year of natural gas, which is equivalent to a reduction of approximately 6400 metric tonnes (7050 tonne) of CO2 and nearly 12 475 kg (27 500 pounds) of NOx per year.