24 June 2014


Efficient use of energy and lower global warming emissions can be achieved by applying heat pumps in the industry. Heat pumps can be used to increase the temperature of industrial waste heat to useful temperature levels. This enables the reuse huge quantities of energy that would otherwise be rejected to the environment. However, widespread use of large scale heat
pumps is not yet common due to the low operation temperatures and limited temperature lifts of conventional heat pumps. Innovative heat pump technologies are needed which can help to overcome these difficulties. One promising innovative heat pump technology is the thermoacoustic
heat pump which uses acoustic power to increase the temperature of a waste-heat stream to a higher, useful temperature. Thermoacoustic heat pumps can be electrically or thermally driven and can operate over a large scale of (high) temperatures and can achieve large temperature lifts. This
paper presents the design and construction of a bench-scale electrically driven thermoacoustic heat
pump which is designed to deliver 10 kW of thermal power at 100 °C.