22 May 2002

B7-04 Advancement Prospects Of GSHP Air Conditioning System In HSCW Zone OF China

Ground-source heat pump (GSHP), originated in a patent of Sweden in 1912, is becoming a kind of energy efficiency and environmental protecting technology in 21st century. GSHP has developed rapidly in developed European countries in the recent decades, and has been applied practically in China because of emergent provision of energy and the demand of environmental protecting. The majority of China area belongs to hot summer and cold winter (HSCW) climate area, and the weather condition provides good developing feasibility of GSHP air conditioning system. Based on the analysis of climate characteristics and building factors, this paper proves that GSHP air conditioning technology has great significance and good prospects for the whole HSCW zone focusing on energy efficiency in building, operating performance, etc. For the more, the paper puts forward some feasible solutions for such problem as cooling-heating imbalance and the choice of system styles.