22 May 2002

B6-06 Ice Thermal Storage System Using Dynamic Ice In Herbis Osaka Phase I And II Projects

From the view point of the global environmental agenda, the energy conservation and the cut in CO2 generation during the operation are increasingly getting important in the building facilities recently. At the same time, the ice thermal storage system is promoted to level the electric power demand during the day-time and night-time. Ice thermal storage system is fully introduced in HERBIS Osaka Phase I (referred to as Phase I Project) and HERBIS Osaka Phase II currently under construction (referred to as Phase II Project).
In case of the ice thermal storage system, the efficiency of the heat source drops when ice is generated. In order to supplement the efficiency drop, it is important to conserve the energy as the air conditioning system as a whole by saving the energy of transfer power tapping the low temperature of the ice.
Considering the afore-mentioned points, the ice transfer system using the fluidity of the dynamic ice is developed and introduced in the Phase I Project. During the development phase of the ice transfer system, the field experiments are conducted to study the fluidity, pressure loss, IPF, etc., of the ice, which results are reflected in the application of the Phase I Project. The Phase II Project introduced chilled water operation + melt ice cascading system in the heat source besides the ice thermal system to realize highly efficient operation of the heat source system. As the Phase I Project and II Project are integrated into the single electric power service contract with the utility company, the detailed electric power demand projection is conducted. The power demand is almost levelled throughout the day by setting the capacity of the heat source to flatten the power demand. Together with the ice transfer system and the highly efficient heat source system, the air conditioning system as a whole is to save the energy in the current Project