22 May 2002

B6-05 The Deaf Methodology For The Correlation Of Heat Transfer Data Of Working Fluids And Mixstures Of Fluids In The Evaporators Of Refrigerating Equipment And Heat Pumps

Owing to the phase-out of working fluids currently used in refrigerating equipment and heat pumps such as CFC and HCFC there is need for searching new fluids, whose thermodynamic and transport properties aren’t available and there are few heat transfer data for the evaporators and the condensers. The present methodology is founded on a new approach which utilizes a suitable hydrodynamic model for Poli–Phase Flow derived by the original and powerful “Drift Flux Model” of G. B. Wallis and it has been successfully applied by the Authors to correlation of heat transfer data for the heat transfer equipment of the refrigeration plants and heat pumps to predict the heat transfer during evaporation and condensation of working fluids and mixtures of fluids. A wide data bank of heat transfer data derived from various papers of the literature have been correlated with a very high correlation coefficient (0,85 ? 0,95) both for pure fluids and fluid mixtures. The present paper explains the methodology and gives some results of typical application.