22 May 2002

B5-16 Gas Heat Pumps In Germany

Gas engine-driven heat pump: YORK INTERNATIONAL, Mannheim, produces heat pumps with a heating capacity of 400 kW up to 1000 kW. The COP is in the range of 1.6 with a development potential up to 2.2. Gas absorption heat pump: The GESELLSCHAFT FUER GASKLIMA, Maintal, the German partner of ROBUR, Zingonia, Italy, will distribute the ROBUR heat pump of 40 kW heating capacity with a COP of 1.6 based on the produced absorption chiller. Gas diffusion absorption heat pump: BUDERUS, Wetzlar, tested its heat pump with 3.6 kW heating capacity for low energy houses with success and will go in the market in 2003. Gas adsorption heat pump: VAILLANT, Remscheid, develops a zeolite heat pump with 10 kW heating capacity which consists of two modules that transformed the periodic process in a quasi-circle process. Field testing is planned by the end of 2002 and market entrance by 2005. Gas driven Vuilleumier heat pump: Based on the Vuilleumier process VIESSMANN-Werke, Allendorf, developed a heat pump with 20 kW heating capacity and a COP in the range of 1.6.