22 February 2002

B5-12 Performance of the Variable Refrigerant Volume Air-Conditioning System with Heat Recovery

Different rooms in the same building have disparate heat/cool load because of diverse orientation and different indoor heat sources. Some rooms need to be cooled while the others need to be heated.
Conventional multi-system air-conditioners are limited to cool all of the indoor units or heat all of them. The common multi-system air-conditioners can not satisfy all of the users.
A multiple variable refrigerant volume (VRV) air conditioning system with heat recovery has been developed in this paper. A suitable operating mode can be selected for each indoor unit independently in this system, hence, concurrent heating and cooing is possible.
This paper describes the configuration, basic operating methods, and experimental results indicated a maximum one times higher coefficient of performance (COP) in the current heating and cooling mode compared to single-mode operations.