22 February 2002

B5-07 Thermodynamics analysis and thermoeconomics evaluation on heat revovery inverter air-cooling heat pump with domestic hot water

In recent, the technique of the heat pump system that can provide domestic hot water have widely developed, because this heat pump system can not only decrease quantity of heat letting to the environment from the air-conditioning system and enhance the performance(such as:EER) of heat pump system but also supply hot water to the family life.
Two different schemes have been brought out in previous researches. But both of them can not normally work in the cold winter.
This paper addresses a new scheme of heat recovery heat pump system that can operate all-year-round. The thermodynamics analysis and the thermoeconomics evaluation are also executed in it. From the analysis and calculation results, we can find that this new system can improve the thermodynamic cycle greatly, increase the EER of the system, save the operation cost, and decrease the thermal pollution to the environment.