22 May 2002

B5-05 A Brief Introduction to a Pilot Cool-heat Dual-supply Project Utilizing Heating Pump and Heat Source From Shallow Groundwater On a Household Metering Basis In Zibo High-tech Zone

To implement China’s Stipulations on the Energy Economy Administration, considering the fact that heat-supplying products cannot meet the needs of market and diversification, and on the basis of basic principles of developing and saving energy, of reducing the expenditures and of minimizing pollution, a pilot energy-saving heating system project, able to supply both cool and heat by utilizing heating pump and heat source from shallow groundwater on a household metering basis, was established in 1999 in Hexiangyuan residential living area of Zibo High-tech Industrial Zone. The experiences, accumulated in 3 years’ operation, have proved that this system runs smoothly and stably, and that the results of saving energy and reducing expense are very obvious. After many years’ operation, system softwares and hardwares, concerning low-grade heat resource development, large-scale heating pump modification, shallow underground water source development back-irrigating observation protection, energy economy operation during the change of the running status, financial evaluation indices of system planning construction, have been developed. The system consists of 5 sections: low-grade heat resource, cooling and heating stations, outside network, individual household cool and heat metering, and indoor end part. Its cooling and heating costs are over 50% lower than the state prices in the local. All of its economic, environmental, and social results are obvious.