22 May 2002

B4-18 Quantum 340 litre titan heat pump water heaters and the applications

This paper presents the Quantum 340 litre heat pump water heaters (panel and coil models) and the performance of the panel model tested under real climate conditions and a case study for the coil model. In the ‘heat-up’ tests, the COP of the system varied from 2.85 to 4.38 in different air temperatures and radiation conditions with the panels laid horizontally. The COP of heating is then related to the sol-air temperature. A further increase in COP can be obtained if the panels are tilted at the optimal angle. The tests indicate that the Quantum solar heat pump water heater can work very efficiently not only at sunny, but also at low radiation, conditions. The coil model is especially suitable for the situations where the cooling air conditioning is needed. Quantum heat pump water heaters are really the energy efficient water heaters.