22 May 2002

B4-17 Development and field performances of a floor heating system with DX GSHP in a piggery

This paper presents the conception of an original floor-heating system using a direct expansion, non-reversible ground-source heat pump in a pig nursery facility, along with a six-month winter-time field demonstration. The heating system was installed in a new, non-conventional building using a combined heat reclaim system with thermal rotary wheels and geothermal heat pumps, and an improved ventilation and air quality control. After a brief description of the system and of the experimental approach, the seasonal heating performance of the main components (building, heat pump, ground DX heat exchanger, soil, radiant floor and indoor air) are discussed. Measuring instantaneous, daily or seasonal variations of several operating parameters (temperature, pressure, energy consumption, etc.) allowed to understand how the system operated in a cold climate and to establish guidelines for improving the thermal and mechanical design of such concepts in the future. It also allowed to estimate the impact of a combined radiant floor and direct air heating system on pig-rearing.