18 May 2002

B4-14 Development of high efficient heat pump system using the heat source of exhaust water

A high efficient heat pump system using exhaust water heat source is developed. It enables us to control a supply water temperature of land based aquaculture system automatically. First, a computer simulation and an experiment for an increase in COP of heat pump system were conducted. The predicted COP are compared with experimental data, which are obtained for refrigeration capacities 5 RT and water supply volume 6 m3/h, and a controllable temperature 18? inside indoor culture system in the range of natural water temperature 4?-30?. The data show a good agreement, and maximum COP is 18. Second, the heat pump system with supply seawater volume 40 m3/h is operated in land based aquaculture system. The total energy cost of heat pump system is compared with that of boiler system during 400,000 fish seedling production of spotted sea bass. The saving energy of the heat pump system is eleven times of the maximums and five times of the average than an oil boiler system.