18 May 2002

B4-06 Heat Pumps and Low-temperature Combined Heating: Slovakian Experiences

Low-temperature heating belongs to the progressive systems applying low-potential energy. These systems can provide the heat transfer from the heaters/surfaces to the space by convection and/or by radiation. The purpose of the paper is to specify the conditions for the design and operation of the so called low-temperature combine heating systems, where the both heat transfer principles are applied in the space and/or in the buildings. In the conclusion the requirements for the design and operation of low-temperature combine heating systems for sustainable low-energy buildings will be presented from the point of view of energy consumption and indoor environment as well.
The use of renewable and secondary energy sources becomes more and more compeling both in terms of the expected availability and price of primary energy sources as well as in terms of environmental impacts. Results of the geological research and exploration works investigating the geothermal energy sources in Slovakia indicate, that within Europe the Slovak territory has a superior potential of its possible effective utilization. The utilization of ambient heat is most commoly carried out by using heat pumps technology. A very important field of advantage of the heat pumps technology are exploitation of low temperature geothermal energy for spa building heatig and hot water preparation.