22 May 2002

B3-04 Chiller models for HVACSIM+ (J)

Dynamic simulation models to evaluate various performances and dynamic properties of chillers are presented in the present paper. These models are developed for precise energy evaluations that are very important to pursue effective energy savings. The best method to evaluate the energy saving is using dynamic simulation of the buildings. As a dynamic building simulator, HVACSIM+ that was originally developed by NBS, present NIST USDOC is useful. The software has been rearranged and several models were added in Japan to establish HVACSIM+ (J). For the simulation program, an absorption chiller model, reciprocal chiller and turbo-chiller model are developed. The model is described with differential equations of heat balances and material balances. Since the equations simulate physical phenomenon in the chiller, the model simulates even start-up responses and medium load characteristics that are not usually given by manufacturers. The models are examined through comparison with operational data of the chillers.