22 May 2002

B2-05 Absorption Chillers Use in America Today

President Bush’s National Energy Policy, Clear Skies and the Global Climate Change Initiatives form a comprehensive roadmap to a secure, clean, reliable, and affordable energy for the future. These far reaching policy proposals rely heavily on the development of distributed energy systems. Cooling, Heating and Power (CHP) systems will permit a substantial improvement energy efficiency use. Thermally Activated Technologies, in general, and absorption chillers, in particular, are increasingly being viewed as an important element to effectively apply CHP.
This paper will examine testing, demonstration projects and commercial applications of combining absorption chiller equipment with microturbines, engines, combustion turbines and thermal solar systems. Technical challenges of coupling absorption chillers to prime mover exhaust streams will be explored. Application specific integration of coincident power generation and thermal energy supply to satisfy building loads will yield economic metrics that will determine which combinations of prime mover and absorption chiller will succeed in the market place today and which combinations require more research and development.