22 May 2002

B2-02 Finland, A rapidly growing heat pump market

The heat pump market has risen tenfold in Finland during the last five years. The outside temperature in Finland, in the extreme North East Country of the European Union, varies from 20-35ºC in the summer to subzero temperatures of -40ºC in the winter. The hard requirements for inside temperature, hot water and ventilation combined with the Scandinavian climate, causes a lot of energy consumption even though the Finnish houses are well insulated.
Energy prices have risen and environmental thinking has gained ground. The heat pump technology and commercial products are very highly developed in Scandinavian countries. The rapid market growth is thus very natural and understandable and no doubt it is supposed to be continued and even quickening.
In Finland heat pumps are mostly used to keep dwelling warm and to heat tap water. Nowadays also air conditioning is wished. As an energy source there is used surrounding ground, rock, water (sea, lake, river) or outside air. Also the exhaust air of the ventilation system is a very good energy source for a heat pump.
Information and education are most important, the technology exists. To produce and disseminate information, to educate installers, sales personnel, consultants, etc, and to keep the quality of deliveries high are the biggest challenges for the heat pump sector.