01 September 1992

Annex 12, Final report: Modelling Techniques for Simulaition and Design of Compression Heat Pumps

Annex XII “Modelling Techniques for Simulation and Design of Compression Heat Pumps” was established as a working group to evaluate the state of the art of computer modelling of electrically driven heat pumps with ambient air as heat source, in the participating countries.
Annex XII had to last 18 months, with the possibility of an extension requested by two or more participants acting in the Executive Committee. Austria, Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States participated in the Annex; the United States acted as Operating Agent.
At the end of 1988 a final report was prepared by Mr. S. Fischer from the US Oak Ridge National Laboratory summarizing the contributions of the participants to the Annex.
This report can be now considered as an interim report and is included in this final report as attachment 1.
A report from Italy, not included in the interim report, was prepared on April, 1989 and distributed to all the participants in the annex on June 1989 during the working meeting !}eld in Brugge. The report regarded the validation of ORNL Heat Pump Design Mode! MARK III by means of experimental tests carried out on an air-to-air heat pump prototype designed by using this mode!.
In the same working meeting Italy proposed an extension of the Annex XII validity duration and the proposal was approved by the Executive Committee on June 22, 1989.
The working program was focused on variable speed heat pump systems.