08 August 2007

Analysis of heat pump systems using the arsenal research standardised monitoring methodology

The association of Austrian Electricity Companies has funded a project with the aim of developing, testing
and evaluating a standardised monitoring methodology for heat pump systems. The results should
provide a base for heat pump manufacturers, installers, energy providers, stakeholders and funding
In view of political aspirations particularly in the fi eld of CO2 reduction, the application of renewable
energy is a central topic. Heat pumps can thus signifi cantly contribute to a sustainable energy
Monitoring was split into three parts: Part 1 included a questionnaire regarding the non-measurable
data, Part 2 consisted of a system for continuous data collection and the recording of measured data,
while Part 3 included the development of a data base for the administration and evaluation of the measured
Nine heat pumps were monitored and analysed in the project. For reasons of comparability, only
direct-expansion heat pumps were chosen.
This report presents the monitoring methodology used in the arsenal research standards. The results
of the fi rst measurements – analysis of the seasonal performance factor (SPF), energy costs and TEWI
(Total Equivalent Warming Impact) – are described. In addition, there is a comparison of the pollutant
emissions which result from the power generation for the operation of the heat pump and the emissions
of a gas or oil boiler.