24 June 2014


The number of sold air-to-water heat pumps in Sweden has increased to a large extent over last decade. This paper presents the results from independent tests performed
by SP on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency of air-to-water heat pumps sold on the Swedish market. Four heat pumps were tested during 2012, nine during 2010-2011, three during 2006-2009 and four during 1999. The heat pumps were evaluated in form of efficiency and capacity for space heating as well as noise emissions. The objective of the tests was to
compare the different test object’s performance. The results show that the efficiency of the best performing heat pumps has improved considerably since the year of 1999, but also that
there is a large spread in the performance of the heat pumps sold today. In comparison to the requirements in the recently voted Eco-design and energy labeling regulations for space heaters and combination heaters within the EU, some of the tested heat pumps might not pass the requirements while others would obtain an A++ energy label (second best class).