16 September 2011


Umeda DT Tower is an office building located on center of Umeda which is the
best location in Osaka. This building ensures high safety in structural aspect by the highperformance seismically intermediate floor isolation system. On a purpose of environment load reduction, our equipment plan was designed to save energy, level electric load, improve reliability, improve safety, improve comfort, respond IT. We combined ice heat storage
system, VCS (Vapor Crystal System), thermal storage in structural elements and the perimeter air conditioning system as an air conditioning system. We adopt “cold and warm blast blowing upper floor slab system” as a thermal storage in structural elements. Because
of the combination of the thermal storage system in structural elements and ice thermal storage system, 95% of the thermal load in daytime is transferred to in night time. At even
peak hour in summer, ice thermal storage system levels electrical demand in day time and in night time. Maximum electrical demand became about 66% compared with usual buildings.