27 March 2012

Advanced Modeling and Tools for Analysis of Energy Use in Supermarket Systems

The main goal of Annex 31 is to provide new knowledge, methods and reasonably accurate
simulation tools to assist in the analysis of the energy performance and in the development of
energy efficient strategies for supermarkets. Another goal of Annex 31 is to increase the level of
understanding of the interaction between the refrigeration system and the indoor climate as well
as HVAC system and the building envelope. A third goal is to develop indices for energy use and
environmental impact for different countries and systems.
Participating countries are Sweden, Canada, Germany and the United States. Sweden is
represented by the Department of Energy Technology at KTH and the Technical Research
Institute of Sweden (SP). KTH is acting as the operating agent (OA)
This National final report presents the work being conducted within the IEA Annex 31 by May
2011. The project has been granted extension from the IEA Heat Pump Centre so activities
within this international cooperation project will continue until the middle of 2011. This report
describes the goals of the project and the methodologies used to achieve them. The project tasks
have been discussed and main findings has been summarized. The conclusions of this report are
based on the completed task by the date of submission which is mainly related to the experiences,
difficulties and qualities of data collection. They are also related to developed figures of
performance indices.