01 March 1999

Ab-Sorption Machines for Heating and Cooling in Future Energy Systems – Tokyo Workshop proceedings

The workship entitled “Ab-sorption machines for heating and cooling in future energy systems”, took place on 28-30 October 1998 in Tokyo, Japan.
The Proceedings cotain papers from the following eight countries which participated in the workshop: China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, Norway, UK and the Netherlands. The papers cover a variety of presentations ranging from new innovative R&D activities to practical applications of absorption/ adsorption technology. The workshop attracted many representatives from utility companies, manufacturers of absorption/ adsorption equipment as well as end-users. This confirms the wide spread interest in the applications and development of thermally activated heat pumping technologies.

The Proceedings are a useful information source for all those involved in the field of energy technology and who are considering alternative heating and cooling technologies instead of conventional HCFC-based systems.

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