22 May 2002

A8-03 Enviroment Protection And Natural Gas Development In China- Zhou Fengqi (China)

The paper describes the results of the monitoring on 322 cities. It shows total suspended particulate (TSP) is over the national air quality standard, SO2 pollution is very obvious in some cities and NOx pollution is serious in some metropolies.
On the whole, air pollution did not deteriorate continuously. However, We can’t be optimistic, since 3/4 of the cities can’t meet the standard. Acid rain takes place over an area of around 30% of the total territorial area of China.
In 1998, the primary energy consumption mix of China was coal 69.6%, the primary energy consumption depends too much on coal and it is inevitable to be low efficient, low benefits and serious pollution.
China has rich natural gas (NG)resource. But the percentage of natural gas rose to 2 %, the figure has been lingering around 2%. In order to improve environment quality, China should be to development NG. So author analysis the increase of demand for natural gas and natural gas supply.