22 May 2002

A7-03 Application of Geothermal Heat Pump (GeoHP) System at ultra cold area : Changchun city, China

In this paper, the results of monitoring on application of Geothermal Heat Pump
(GeoHP) System at ultra cold area: Changchun city, China are introduced. During the
monitoring, temperature transition in the borehole heat exchangers had been measured at
several depths in order to compare with simulated data (estimated temperature vs. time and so
on) due to heating of the test building. Monitoring and analysis of the data while heating by
GeoHP system suggested that the temperature transition was measured, although there are some
difficulties to compare with the simulated data because of the existence of ground water flow.
In addition, temperature recovery were also measured just after the stop of heating.
These data must be quite important to characterize the thermal conductivity
considering the ground water flow in the formation in future.