22 May 2002

A4-03 The French policy to improve heat pump market development- Contribution of electricite De France – H. Rivoalen

Under the pressure of environmental requirements and in particular the reduction of CO2 emissions into atmosphere, the development of heat pumps market has, since the beginning of the 1990s, been given a new start in Europe.
In France, EDF launched in 1997 a heat pump development program in France within the general framework of its new commercial offer intended to promote high quality electric heating for new homes. This offer provided a very strong stimulus for the market, which represented about 1 500 space heating systems a year before 1997 and which by 2001, had reached 15 000 systems installed. In five years, the market thus increased 10 fold and grew by more than 50 % between 2000 and 2001. France has thus become the second European heat pump market behind Sweden.
This article describes and then critically analyses actions carried out and results obtained by EDF, over the last five years, in contributing to the sustainable development of the heat pump market in France.