22 May 2002

A3-02 Criteria to select operating parameters of a CO2 heat pump/refrigeration system- D. Manole (USA)

CO2 raises several difficulties in designing, building, and controlling the operating parameters. However CO2 is a environment friendly refrigerant with excellent thermophysical properties. These are sufficient reasons to seek to identify applications and solutions to use CO2 at a larger scale as refrigerant. CO2 by itself and the systems using transcritical CO2 are very different compared to the common refrigeration systems. This is why selecting an application, a system configuration, and the operating conditions is not are trivial tasks. Several criteria used in those selection processes are listed and described . Analytical results regarding the behavior of the transcritical CO2 system is discussed when parameters experience small changes from the design conditions. Experimental results are presented to validate the importance of the analytical studies. Two and single stages compressors are considered for analysis and during experiments