22 May 2002

A2-05 Responsible R&D policy – a utility overview – S-A Eklund ( Sweden)

This paper describes how a power utility, Vattenfall (Swedish part), has acted during a 20 years period with an energy using product of economic signification to the owner and user – the heat pump.

During the monopoly period, up to 1996, this action was based on instructions given Vattenfall from the Government:
– ”….. shall act for an efficient use of electricity within the Country …”.
In the beginning of the studied period there was also a national political unity of using the Countrys own energy resources as much as possible. That meant that all agreed upon to use the domestic electric energy, hydro and nuclear, even for heating purposes.
Heat pump technology represents one way of using the domestic electric energy for heating purposes. After the reregulation of the electricity market 1996 Vattenfalls actions on the market is given by its business idea:
– ”Vattenfall´s mission is to enhance its customers´ competitiveness, environment and quality of life through a unique combination of efficient energy solutions and world-class service”.
Heat pump technology represents even now one way of using the electric energy efficiently for heating purposes. The practical work with heat pump questions has changed over the 20 years for Vattenfall. During the pioneering period it was much hard ware testing, redesigning and testing again.
When the market had become mature it has been more of working with (expected) win-win concepts together with information, lobbying and promoting of more systems oriented R&D.