22 May 2002

A1-05 Heat Pumps in Europe – An Overview- R.Rose ( Norway)

Heat pumps can contribute considerably to the reduction of CO2 emission and of the use of primary energy in the residential, tertiary and industry sectors.
According to data collected by the IEA Heat Pump Centre and EHPA, The European Heat Pump Association there are at present in Europe some 4,5 million heat pumps in the residential sector, 1,5 million or more in the tertiary sector and 25-30 000 in industry.
The heat pump potential in the residential sector is considerable, also taking into account that space and water heating consumes 225 Mto in residential sector, compared to 125 Mto in the tertiary sector. It is believed that 75% of the dwellings in the EU area can be considered as a potential, technical heat pump market.
The target of EHPA is at least 15 million residential units in operation by 2010. This number could save 100 TWh of primary energy per year and reduce the annual CO2 emissions by 40 million tons.
To achieve this target, a common EU heat pump strategy and national policy plans will be needed in an effort to diminish heat pump barriers and encourage potential buyers.
A consequent energy policy related to the residential sector would of course also encourage potential users in the other sectors, although the use of heat pumps in the industry sector is limited since fast return on investment is a decisive factor.