22 May 2002

A1-04 Regional report – heat pumps in Asia & Pacific – T. Saito, T.Yoshii (Japan)

As a regional report for Asia & Pacific, this paper focuses on the current market and technology situation in the region.One outstanding feature of the market in this region is that central need for heat pumping technology is for refrigeration and air conditioning. Specifically the market of air conditioners and heat pumps has experienced a remarkable growth during the last decade driven by the economic development in the region.
The expansion of air conditioning market, in some of the East Asian countries triggered increased demand for electric power, causing sharp increase in summer peak power demand and deterioration of power load factor. As a measure for power load leveling, thermal (cool) storage system and thermally driven cooling system have extensively been used for air conditioning, shaping a unique market structure in this region. Considering the huge market potential for air conditioners and heat pumps in this region and the resulting future impact on global environment, through increased use of energy and refrigerant, technology development in energy efficiency and choice of environmentally friendly refrigerant are becoming extremely important.