24 June 2014

A Study on Energy Conservation Refurbishment for Existing Office Buildings toward Zero Energy Building

In this paper, the potential for zero-energy-building (ZEB) was examined by means of refurbishment of existing office buildings. Most existing buildings have not improved yet while the technology of energy conservation is applied to new buildings. Therefore, we
assessed an influence of refurbishment for energy conservation, even as were aimed at proposing proper method to obtain adequate effect. This paper assumed four refurbishment cases based on standard case and computer simulations were performed to calculate heat load and primary energy consumption for air conditioning. Furthermore, installation effect of
photovoltaic power generation and energy consumption of lightning and outlet were estimated. This result showed that it was quite difficult to achieve ZEB by reason that photovoltaic power generation couldn’t make up for all of the electric requirements. In the
future, application of unused energy and innovative approach will be needed in addition to building energy saving methods and high-efficiency system.