16 May 2011

A European View of Heat Pumps in the IEA’s roadmap for Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems in Buildings

Europe has a number of examples of heating and cooling markets where heat pumps are the norm for heating,
at least in new buildings. However, this transformation has touched just a small fraction of the buildings sector in Europe. The International Energy Agency’s (IEAs) Energy Efficient Buildings: Heating and Cooling
Systems roadmap lays out the “big picture” vision for stakeholders in the buildings sector of the goals for
heating and cooling equipment if the world is to achieve a more complete transition by 2050. Although significant
progress has been made on advancing policy in Europe, there remains a lot more to do. The roadmap recommends that policies need to be “broadened” to systematically address all market barriers and failures, as well as “deepened” to ensure that all of the very diverse decision-makers in the buildings sector are addressed.